Indian Special

Vegetarian Starter
Vegetarian Pakoras A variety of vegetables dipped in batter and lightly fried. £3.95 
Vegetarian Samosas

Two pastry pyramids filled with mixed vegetables and Indian spices.

Paneer Pakoras 

Home made cottage cheese cubes in gram flour batter, lightly fried.

Aloo Tikki 

Fried of mashed potatoes, crushed finely chopped ginger, traditional spices fire grill.

Paneer Tikka shashlik Cubes of homemade cheese, green peppers & onions marinated in exotic spices & roasted on skewers in the tandoor. £6.95
Garlic Mushroom    Slices of garlic and fresh mushroom cooked in wonderful Namaste Kathmandu sauce. £3.95
Non Vegetarian Starter
Tandoori Chicken

Tender fresh chicken marinated in yogurt & rare spices and barbecued in earthen clay oven Quarter Chicken (2Pcs)
Half chicken (4 Pcs)  


£4.95, £9.95

Chicken Tikka Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in yogurt, mint & spices & grilled.
Also served as a main course for



Chicken Pakora Delicate chicken coated with egg batter, crispy and spicy. £4.95
Malai Murgh Tikka Tender cubes of boneless chicken marinated and roasted in the tandoor. £ 4.95
Sheekh Kebab Minced Lamb & spices ground together bound skewered & grilled in the tandoor
Also served as a main course for



Fish Pakora Delicate Talabia Fish coated with egg batter, crispy and spicy. £5.95
Fish Tikka Marinated pieces of red snapper fish fillet roasted in the tandoor clay oven.
Also served as a main course for



Tandoori Mix Starter (for two persons)

A beautiful selection of marinated tandoori prawn, chicken tikka, fish fry, lamb Tikka sheekh kebab & finished off in a tandoori oven for an authentic barbecue taste. 

Non Vagetarian Mains Dishes
Chicken Tikka Masala - Mild or Medium Barbecued boneless chicken cooked in a chef’s secret blend of spicy. £11.95
Butter Chicken- Mild Butter chicken mouth-watering boneless chicken in mild gravy. £11.95
Mixed Sizzler - Medium or Hot Mixed meat and seafood sizzler with an infusion of sub-continental spices. £13.95
Pudini Chicken - Mild or Medium Flavoured with fresh mint and Namaste Kathmandu herbs and spices. £11.95
Methi Murgh - Mild or Medium Chicken sautéed with fresh fenugreek flavoured tomato & onion gravy. £11.95
Rogan Josh A rich and medium dish with fried onions and tomato sauce. Chicken £11.95
lamb £12.95
Vegetarian Mains Dishes
Navrattan Korma - Mild Nine different vegetables in a creamy sauce. £10.25
Daal Makhani - Mild or Medium Black lentils simmered & seasoned in tradiational Punjabi style. £9.95
Tarka Daal - Medium or Hot Yellow lentils simmered & seasoned in traditional Punjabi style. £9.25
Channa Masala - Medium or Hot Chickpeas in a delicious sauce flavoured with Namaste Kathmandu herbs and spices. £9.95
Aloo Gobi - Medium or Hot Cauliflower and potato uniquely flavoured with chef’s own blend of spices. £9.95
Paneer Makhni - Mild Spicy tomato gravy with pieces of soft homemade cottage cheese. £10.50
Malai Kofta - Mild or Medium A vegetarian cutlet made from paneer, nuts and potatoes served in a mild creamy sauce. £9.95
Bhindi Dopiaza – Medium or Hot Okra stir fried in onion and masala flavoured with Namaste Kathmandu herbs & Spices. £9.95
Saag Dishes – Spinach

Saag dishes are better cooked with minimal use of spices.
Saag- Mild
Aloo Saag- spinach with potato - Mild or Medium
Saag Paneer - with cottage cheese - Mild




Chicken – £11.95    Lamb – £12.95   Prawn – £13.95
Indian Classics
Korma Dishes - Mild Cashew nut sauce based mild and creamy flavoured with the touch of Indian herb & spices.
Karahi Dishes - Mild or Medium Mild or medium & creamy, flavoured with Indian herbs and spices.
Jafrezi Dishes - Medium or Hot Made mild to spicy with juliennes of green pepper, diced onions and green chillies.
Saag Dishes - Mild or Medium A mild chicken or lamb dish cooked with creamy spinach and freshly ground spices
Dopiaza Dishes - Medium or Hot Chicken or Lamb stir fried in onion & masala flavoured with Namaste herbs & spices.
Achari Dishes - Medium or Hot Chicken or Lamb cooked in mustard, onion and other spices for tangy flavour.
Plain Yogurt – Home made plain yogurt. £2.25
Mixed Raita – Onion, cucumber, tomato & herbs in Yogurt. £2.75
Nepalese Raita – Pineapple & papaya in Yogurt. £2.95
Naan Dough cooked on the inside wall of the tandoori oven.
Knandani Naan - Plain                                     
Makhani Naan - Butter                                     
Lasuni Naan - Garlic



Peshwari  Naan  Stuffed with dried fruit & nuts.           £3.95


Tandoor cooked flaky & layered whole wheat bread.


Mint or Aloo -£3.95

Kulcha (Onion or Aloo) Stuffed with onion or potato.          £3.95
Tandoori Roti  Made with whole-wheat flour.          £2.50
Laziez Naan  Naan bread stuffed wih cheese.          £3.95
Keema Naan Stuffed with minced lamb.          £3.95
Boiled Rice - Only the best fragrant basmati rice from India. £3.25
Jeera Pilau - Basmati rice flavoured with cumin & cloves. £3.50
Vegetable Rice - Mixed vegetable rice. £3.95
Kashmiri Rice - With dried fruits & nuts – Kashmiri style. £3.95
Mushroom Pilau - Exotic mushrooms fried with basmati rice £3.95
Special Pilau -Peas and egg fried with basmati rice £3.95
Papads – plain or masala   £0.80,
Pickle Tray with chutney selection   £2.50
Kachumber – Fresh cucumber salad with lemon dressing. Nepalese Starter £3.25


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