Nepalese Special

Suruwa (soup)
Khasiko suruwa   (lamb soup) Lamb cooked in Nepalese herbs and lentils. £3.95
Kwatiko suruwa (Mixed beans soup)

Mixed beans simmered with green vegetables and herbal spices.

Mo:Mo - Steam or Fried

Dumplings filled with minced chicken or vegetables  flavoured with fresh coriander leaves served either steamed or fried.

Khukura ko sekuwa (Nepalese satay) Boneless pieces of chicken marinated in Himalayan herbs and barbecued. £4.95
Khukhura ko khutta (Chicken leg)            

Chicken legs marinated in Nepalese herbs for overnight and barbecued.

Sherpa’s checha (Chicken cheese) Our unique combination of herbs and spices with chicken and cheese barbecued in tandoor. £5.95
Bheda ko karang (Lamb chops) Much favourite Nepalese style lamb chops grilled in oven that goes well with salad.

Also served as main course for £13.95

Haku Choila  (Lamb cubes) A unique and traditional grilled lamb dish from Kathmandu valley.   £5.95
Poleko Jhinga -(Tandoori King Prawns)

The best of the fisherman’s catch flamed in the tandoor & served with fresh green salad.      Also served as a main course for £14.95.



Non Vegetarian Mains Dish
Kukhura ko Masu- Mild, Medium or Hot

Chicken marinated in herbs & spices – flavoured with Timur (Sichuan Pepper) & shallow fried.

Khasi ko Masu - Mild, Medium or Ho Lamb marinated in herbs and spices– flavoured with Sichuan Pepper and shallow fried. £12.95
Garlic Chilli - Chicken or Lamb - Medium or Hot Cooked in chilli and garlic sauce, garnished with fresh coriander. £11.95, £12.95
Bheda Tona - Medium or Hot    Lamb leg delicacy – marinated overnight in blend of herbs, yogurt and spices,
and cooked with onions and tomatoes.
Trishuli ko Machha ko Jhol - Medium or Hot Red Snapper fish cubes cooked with onions, tomato, and lemon and topped with coriander. £13.95
Kukhura Ko Jhol - Medium or Hot Chicken on the bone cooked with onion, tomato, and lemon and topped with coriander. £11.95
Vegetarian Mains Dish
Aloo ra Chayau ko Tarkari - Mild or Medium Marinated mushroom and potato cooked in thick gravy. £9.95
Jhane ko Daal - Mild or Medium Pure black or yellow beans boiled with spices and flavoured with special herb called Jimbu (Allium Hypsistum). £9.95
Bhaanta ko Tarkari - Medium or Hot Fried onion and aubergine cooked in masala sauce with herbs & flavoured with Timur. £9.95
Aloo Bodi Tama - Medium or Hot Fried onion and Traditional Nepalese curry made from potato, black eyed beans and sour bamboo shoot. £9.95

Aloo Saag-              Mild or Medium

Spinach with potato. £9.95
Saag Paneer -  Mild Spinach with cottage cheese. £9.95
Side Dishes
Kaakra or Aloo ko Achar    Fresh cucumber or potato pickle made in tradition Nepalese style. £2.95
Green Salad Cucumber, tomato, onion and peppers with lemon. £2.95

Rice and Breads are in Indian Menu.

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