Seafood Special

Seafood Special
Kashmiri Fish Curry - Tilapia fish - Mild or Medium Fish cubes cooked in a mild sauce with dry fruits & nuts Kashmiri style. £13.95
Kathmandu ko Fish Methi - Tilapia fish - Mild or Medium Fish cubes cooked in herbs & spices with fenugreek leafs with gravy. £13.95
Prawn Malabari - King Prawn – Mild    South Indian curry lightly spiced in fresh coconut milk. £14.95
Jhinga Hara Pyaz Masala - Medium or Hot Tiger prawns   marinated with crushed pepper corns, stir-fried with spring onion
greens and assorted sweet bell peppers.
Daram Khola Ko Macha - Medium or Hot Whole sea bass fish cooked in thick gravy flavoured with hot spicy masala. £14.95
Crab Banjara - Medium or Hot From Kerala South Indian, Crab in red chilli, coconut and mustard seed sauce £14.95
Kathmandu King Prawn in Papaya – Mild or Medium King Prawns in a tangy tamato based sauced served on a Papaya boat. £15.95


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